Red on White Box Logo F&F Longsleve

In 2014, rumours surrounded the coveted brand about a possible supreme longsleeve box logo. None of these were ever confirmed however it raised the attention of many spectators worldwide. This would mark the first ever long sleeve apart from the Union Jack sold at the London opening back in 2011. 
After a long time of speculation the possible longsleeves were cancelled and they never made it to stores or the people. However, a small amount of box logo longsleeves were made for Friends and Family members close to the Supreme brand. This small group of people included skateboarders, shop managers and celebrities. These long sleeves were only handed out in very small groups of people, therefore its very hard to get your hands on one of these as they officially “don’t exist”. I personally was able to obtain this piece via via from a person close to the London store.

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Color: Weiss