Grey Box Logo Crewneck 2015 Supreme

Grey Box Logo Crewneck 2015

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CHF 839.00
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In the latter part of the year 2015 Supreme announced a box logo Crewneck release for the fall winter season.
This was the first time a box logo crewneck was included since the discontinuation of the crewnecks in 2007.
Celebrating its return after an eight year absence, Supreme reached further than what they were used to.
The Crewneck came in both Navy, Red, Black, Pink, Camo, White and this Grey
As expected all crewnecks caused a huge buzz, online they sold out in seconds and in store people literally ripped them from the shelves.
For the foreseeable future we won’t be seeing a re-release of crewnecks and this is the last drop to date.

Supreme Grey Box Logo Crewneck 2015 : Very rare vintage Crewneck and it is in perfect condition.