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Is the Air Jordan comfortable to wear?

The Nike Air Jordan is a true classic and is not without reason considered one of the most comfortable sneakers of all time. The shoe was specially developed for basketball in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan and is known for its high level of comfort.

The combination of high-quality materials and the special Nike Air technology means the shoe offers excellent cushioning and support for your feet. The padded sole and the comfortable interior of the Nike Air Jordan guarantee you a comfortable fit.

Even if you're on the go all day, you won't feel any pain in your Air Jordans.

The Air Jordan also comes in different sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect sneaker for you.

Is the Air Jordan waterproof?

Most Air Jordan models are not waterproof because they were originally designed for indoor use and are made of leather or other breathable materials.

Therefore, if it rains or snows, it's better to leave them in the closet and choose another pair of shoes of your choice. However, there are a few models that are water-repellent, such as the Air Jordan 1 High Zip.

How do Air Jordan models fit?

In general, Air Jordans run a little smaller than other Nike shoes. However, since this can vary from model to model, it is advisable to check the size chart of the respective model or, if in doubt, order half a size larger than you normally wear.

If you are unsure, we recommend that you stop by our VADITIM store in Berlin to try on different sizes before purchasing.

Why is there no Nike “Swoosh” on almost all Nike Air Jordan models?

The Nike "Swoosh" is the famous Nike logo that can be seen on many shoes. The well-known "Swoosh" was omitted from the Air Jordan models for the first time in 1986.

What was initially perceived as a major mistake later led to the Air Jordan being able to stand out from other Nike shoes thanks to its unique look. It was thanks to its unique design that the Jordan really became famous and is still very popular today.

How many models of Nike Air Jordan are there?

There are actually quite a few different models of the Nike Air Jordan. Since the launch of the first Air Jordan in 1984, Nike has continually released new versions, each with its own design, color and technical features.

There are now a total of 34 Air Jordan models. In our shop you will find the:

Just take a look and see which model appeals to you the most. You are guaranteed to find the right pair for your style and needs.

What are the most popular Jordan models currently?

The popularity of Jordan models can change from time to time. Some of the most popular models currently are the

  • Air Jordan 1,
  • Air Jordan 4,
  • Air Jordan 5,
  • and the Air Jordan 11.

These models are considered real classics and are still very popular. Their different colors and designs make them versatile trendy sneakers that go with many outfits. They are also known for their high quality and comfort.

The Jordan 13 was one of the best-selling sneakers in recent years. Ultimately, the choice of your favorite shoe depends entirely on your taste and ideas.

How do I know if my Air Jordans are original?

Original Air Jordans are made with high quality and precision. If you want to be sure that your Air Jordans are original, there are a few features you should look out for.

  1. Genuine Jordans come in high-quality packaging featuring the Jumpman logo and other Nike trademarks.
  2. Also pay attention to the stitching and the size label inside the shoe. All of these features should be clearly legible, precisely embroidered and printed, and neatly and cleanly finished. There should be no discrepancies such as typos, different fonts, glue residue, blurring, distortions or other defects.
  3. In addition, a strong chemical smell as well as inconsistencies in the production date, serial number and manufacturing number in the label can be indications of fake sneakers.
  4. Real Air Jordans are made from high-quality materials that feel good and are durable.
  5. Pay attention to the material of the sole, upper and insole to make sure they meet Nike standards.

With us you can always be one hundred percent sure that the sneakers are exclusively original.

Which Air Jordan model is the most expensive?

The most expensive Air Jordan model is currently the Nike Air Jordan 1S from 1985. In 2020, a pair of this model sold at auction for $560,000, making it the most expensive Air Jordan of all time.

There are also other Air Jordan models that are sold at very high prices, especially limited editions and collaborations with well-known designers or artists. The most expensive Air Jordan model in our shop is the Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White Chicago for 10,000 euros.


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